What price do you put on your personal safety?

Learn the tools and skills to protect your personal safety.

Sadly, you cannot guarantee that you will never be a victim of an attack. Rob's Self Defence Workshop is created to ensure that you are better equipped to spot potential danger and feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself if you are targeted.

This two-hour street self-defence workshop includes basic martial arts skills, but it is aimed at complete beginners with any level of fitness.

What would you do in the following situations:

• If you were being followed to your car late at night when the roads are emptier than normal?
• If you were the last person in the cab on a night out and the driver started to take you a different route?
• If you are being assaulted on a packed train/bus? How would you react?
• If you were lying in bed in the afternoon and you heard someone trying to get into your home?

These are all questions we will discuss and provide solutions to in this enlightening workshop.

Rob's Self Defence Workshop Content

This course will arm you with all of the skills, tools and techniques to give you vital time to get away from a potential attacker and be safe indoors and outdoors.

In your two-hour session, you will be given invaluable advice on how to respond if you are attacked, what to avoid doing and what parts of your attacker's anatomy you should aim for should you need to strike them.

During the two hours, you will cover:

• Tips to deter would-be attackers or intruders
• How to avoid putting yourself at risk
• Strikes - how should you use force
• Re-enacting situations - when should you fight back, what should you say to your attacker
• Role plays - partner work to enact possible scenarios
• An opportunity to go over any skills that you have learned

Booking a Self Defence Workshop.

If you take your personal safety seriously, a street Self Defence Awareness workshop with Rob can give you the confidence to protect your safety.

Each class has a maximum of 16 students.

Self Defence Workshop costs: £35

Workshops take place at Olympus Gym or alternatively we can travel to your offices, hall or a sports club or a venue of your choice near you. We will travel in a 10-mile radius of Richmond-upon-Thames, including Surrey, London, Middlesex, Berkshire and Hampshire.

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